Sunday, April 30, 2006

Internet Problems...

We wanted to post our Secret Paws pictures this weekend, but we am havin' internet problems. We were hopin' it would work better today, but it's not. We had trouble just gettin' onto Blogger, and we don't know if this post is even goin' to work. Hopefully we'll get our pictures up sometime this week.

Strider: Mom & Dad gotted rid of the drippy faucet, and I don't like the new one. Mom tried to make it kinda drippy for me, but it's not the same... Also, I heard her tellin' Dad that my v-e-t visit is gonna be next Saturday. I'm gonna have to try harder to escape! The beans have been extra careful since my last adventure, so I haven't gotted to go outside again.

Smeagol: Do any of you kitties effur take medicines before you go to the v-e-t? I don't haves to go until next year (unless I haves a problem - I hope I don't!) but my Grandma was wonderin' if there was somethin' I could take to keep me from bein' so upset. The v-e-t said it am too stressful on me when I go, so I don't haves to go yearly, just when I need shots or if there's a problem. Mom's gonna ask the v-e-t about it when Strider goes, but I was just wonderin' if anycat (or their beans) had any 'sperience with somethin' like that. (I get REALLY upset; it's not that I just don't like goin'. Our v-e-t did say once that there am a kitty who goes there who has to get sedated by gas while he's still in his crate; I'm almost that bad.)

Well, we're gonna try postin' this. We hopes you're all havin' nice weather and good days!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


We've been tagged by Merlin, Shadow & Ko Ko! We haves to figure out what our five favorite bloggin' words are. Hmmm...

1. Not really one word, but we like adding furr or purr to words, like furriends or purrson - we're not sure who started this
2. Beans! We loves our beans! We're not sure who started this either... (Catifornia maybe?)
3. Stinky Goodness Thanks to Max we know what to ask for when we wants canned food!
4. Nip/Kitty Crack Not sure 'bout the Nip, but Max started Kitty Crack too. We also like Nipped Out
5. Scritches - We loves gettin' scritches! Can't remember who started this either, we know some of you other kitties know, but Mom's not givin' us lots of time to do this, so we can't look it up.

If anycat readin' this hasn't been tagged yet, you are now! We're not sure who has or hasn't been tagged...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


We want to say how sad we are that Silas from Caturday has gone to the Bridge. Our hearts and purrs are with the whole Caturday family. We didn't know Silas for long, but what we have learned about him is that he was a shy gentle guy who loved his brother Fergus lots. Fergus wented to the Bridge in January, and we know that the brothers are happy to be together again. Even though they were sad to leave their family, they know they will see them all again eventually. Also, we are sad that he won't get to be a Torch Bearer for the Catolympics. We're thinkin' maybe we would ask his brothers and sister if they would want to be Torch Bearers in his memory.

Update: Silas' little brother & sister, Harper and Ramona, are gonna be Torch Bearers!

Friday, April 14, 2006


Strider: I'm sorry I maded you so upset, Mom!! But I've been sittin' in the window noticin' how nice outside looks now, and I just couldn't help myself. I had to go out there!! I just wanted to roll around on the ground and feel the grass on my paws. Remember, before I came to live with you and Dad, I was outside on my own. I know my way around out there. I didn't mean to scare you by gettin' so close to the road, either. I'm glad to be safe and back inside, though!!

Smeagol: I don't know why you'd want to go out there. I've been out there a few times, and it's so big and scary! I can smell everything I need to smell from our nice safe windows!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Mom is still furry busy, but we got her to help us do an update, and she's also lettin' us go to The Calico Girls dance party today! It's goin' on right now. We am so 'cited to see efurryone again and learn some dance steps!

Update on the outdoor kitties:
Mom is keepin' an eye on Gizmo, and she's got a box and blankets just in case there are kittens. We thinks kittens would be cute, but we're not sure 'bout sharin' our house with them! (We knows Mom will want to keep them all!) We thinks maybe Stripe am a furry old kitty. His head is really big but when he is standin', he looks pretty skinny. He was actin' kinda funny (confused) the other night, but when Mom went out to check on him, he ran away and she couldn't find him. She doesn't know where they all go when they are not on our deck and we haven't seen him since then, so we are worried 'bout him. Also, there is another kitty who has been comin' round lately. He looks kinda like Moses, so we've been callin' him that in honor of Moses. He is more scared of Mom and Dad than Gizmo and Stripe are, so Mom's havin' trouble gettin' his picture.

We are startin' to worry that our Secret Paws package that we had Mom send out may have gotten losted in the mail. She sent it out on March 30, priority, and they tolded her it would get to our Secret Paws in two days. We hopes it gets to them soon!

Strider: Thanks for all the suggestions 'bout how to break the phone so that Mom can't call the v-e-t to make my appointment. As far as I know, she hasn't been able to call, but I forgot that she has a phone at that place she calls work.

Smeagol: If you haves to go, I can go with you and protect you, even though I hates goin'. That's what bruddies are for, right?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


It has been purrty nice the last few days, so we've been able to enjoy some fresh air! We haven't met up with Gizmo through the screen yet, Mom has been careful of that 'cause she's not sure how we'll all act. Also she's worried that if Gizmo is sick with somethin' (we hopes not!) that we could catch it. Other news 'bout Gizmo - Dad mentioned that he/she was lookin' kinda fat, then Mom looked, and thought he/she looked round. Mom's now worried that Gizmo am a girl and am gonna have kittens! We didn't do it - honest!! Oh, that's right, we couldn't have. Anyway, Mom's tryin' to figure out what she's gonna do if there are kittens, and she also said somethin' about catchin' Gizmo later and gettin' her fixed! Why do the beans always think we're broken?

We wants to blog more often than we have been, but right now with Mom havin' so much work to do, we're lucky we get to blog at all! Yesterday she finished doin' those things some of you have been talkin' about - taxes. She was 'cited, but we just wanted her to get off the computer so we could catch up on readin' efurryone's blogs.

Strider: A card came for me in the mail the other day and I was 'cited at first, but then Mom said it was from the v-e-t! She said she has to call to make an appointment for me. Does anycat know a good way to break those phone things? That way she can't call! It's just a checkup, and I don't mind goin' too much (not like Smeagol) but still, I don't want to go!! Oh, and it's not fair, Smeagol doesn't have to go 'cause the v-e-t said he didn't have to go until he needs his next shots, unless there's a problem!

Smeagol: The last time I was there they wrapped me in a fishnet! They said it was to keep me still so that they could give me a shot, but it didn't work very well and I was still able to put the bite on the v-e-t! They called me Gollum and the v-e-t said I was a "self-protective" kitty. She told Mom that there are just some kitties who are like that, and that she even had one once. I'm (mostly) furry sweet at home, really!

Strider: So if I put the bite on her, that means I won't have to go efurry year? She's nice, though, she gives me treatses! I purr the whole time I'm there. I might haves to rethink this... Nah, I don't think I can bite her.

Smeagol: You bite Mom efurry morning when she gets out of the shower!

Strider: That's 'cause she gets water on my rug!