Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We're gettin' tired of lookin' for Spring. Mom says it should be here by now. Spring means open windows, so we really wish it would hurry up and get here!

Mom's been furry busy with work lately, but we're still tryin' to keep up with visitin' efurryone's blogs, (even though we've been commentin' even less than usual.) We told her that she needs to help us comment more AND post more than once efurry two or three weeks! We've also been purrin' on her 'cause we know that she's tired from workin' so much... Oh, she and Dad have also been practicin' and teachin' kara-tay lots 'cause they're testin' for their third degree black belts this weekend, and their students are testin' for belts too. We don't get it. Can't they just go out and hunt for belts? We don't even know why beans wear belts in the first place. They kinda look like collars, but around their stomachs? We don't like our collars around our necks, but it would be worse if they were around our stomachs!

Monday, April 02, 2007

New Things Freak Us Out

Awhile ago, Mom put a new rug thing on the floor in the human litterbox room. It has penguins on it (like Pingu!). There used to just be a plain blue rug there, and when we first saw the penguin rug, we were 'fraid of it. We were just doin' our normal routine, followin' the beans around, but when we tried to go into the human litterbox room, there was this weird new thing on the floor! We had to creep around and go into the room really really slowly, to make sure it was safe. Also, if Mom or Dad is wearin' a hat or looks different for some reason, we get all puffy-tailed and scared 'til we realize it's them. We were just wonderin' if this happens to any of you too?