Sunday, August 19, 2007


Thanks efurryone for your ideas/suggestions/thoughts 'bout the cholesterol deposits!! Right now, Mom's just gonna monitor it, and it really doesn't bother me, so she's gonna try not to worry (but she still will, anyway). And Smeagol wants me to tell you all that it was his evil alter ego Gollum who was there at the v-e-t's office actin' so crazy.

We want to wish our Dad and our Grandma Happy Belated Purrthdays, and also early Happy Annifursarys to our Mom and Dad and our Grandma and Granddad!!

It's been rainy and cold here, but Mom and Dad are still openin' the windows for us. Mom says it's supposed to warm up again soon, and we hope so, 'cause we're not ready for it to be cold yet!!

Oh, we almost furrgot! Mom's been furry busy at work and not able to help us type much (what else is new?), but we do get around to visit efurryone. BUT she's busy at work right now 'cause the local (no-kill) shelter just got to build a brand new HUGE building and she's makin' all the signs for the different rooms and stuff! They have Sun Rooms and Quiet Rooms and Meet and Greet Rooms and ALL kinds of nice things for the kitties and woofies who are there!!

Monday, August 06, 2007


First, we want to thank efurryone for all of the kindness shown for our Uncle Rocky and Grandma and Granddad (and Mom and Dad too). Mom and Dad had to go out of town unexpectedly, so Mom hasn't had a chance to scan pictures of Rocky, but she purromises she will, it just won't be as soon as we hoped. Grandma and Granddad are doin' okay, they're tryin' to keep busy. It must have somethin' to do with the name, 'cause Grandma said Rocky was the CEO of the house, he kept efurryone on a schedule and made sure they stuck to it!!

Now, on to our ambush story... We hadn't heard any mention of the v-e-t and suddenly we were both scooped up and put in our carriers. We thought we were goin' on a trip or somethin', 'cause we've never gone to the v-e-t together, EVER. Mom and Dad decided to try it this way 'cause they thought it might keep Smeagol a little calmer, which it did until the v-e-t's helper came into the room. (Usually he starts growlin' and hissin' in the waitin' room). Then he started walkin' around the room hissin' at random things!!

I (Strider) let them weigh me and check me out while Smeagol sat under the chair Dad was in. I wanted to show him that it's not so bad if you just let them get it all over with really quick, 'cause I don't really mind goin'. 'Course I didn't have to get stabbed this time... Then it was Smeagol's turn, and I couldn't believe that was MY brofur makin' so much noise!! I went back into my crate, and since they had closed Smeagol's, he came runnin' over to mine and squished me to the back so he could get in too!! Now, my crate is a comfortable size for me (I weigh 9.5 pounds), but it's NOT big enough for us both, 'specially since Smeagol weighs 16.9 pounds!! And it can't be taken apart anymore 'cause a piece of it broke, so now it's permanently attached. So, the beans had to try to dump Smeagol out, which took awhile, and they didn't want to pull him out, since he was tryin' to bite them.

Finally, they got him up on the table (he was wrapped in a towel at this point) and managed to stab him once, but then he really freaked out, so they had to get the fish net out. I'd never seen that before, 'cause I'm always so good, but Smeagol recognized it from the last time he was there (3 years ago). They wrapped him up in it and then were able to stab him with his other shot. There was no way the v-e-t was gonna get to examine him, so they unwrapped him and while they were doin' that, he PEED!! The whole time, I was tryin' to tell him it was okay and to calm down, but he wouldn't listen to me.

When we went out to where the beans pay, Petey, the resident Sphynx came over to see us and to ask what the heck was goin' on in there!! He talked to us for awhile and helped me try to calm Smeagol down, and Mom got to pet him lots. (We think she would have liked to bring him home with us). We told him 'bout our furriend Dragonheart, too!

We have a question, though. Mom had noticed some small spots or somethin' on my eyes, so she asked the v-e-t 'bout them, and she said they looked like cholesterol deposits. They don't hurt or bother me, and I can still see just fine, but the v-e-t was gonna give Mom some info 'bout it until Smeagol distracted efurryone. Do any of you or your beans know anything 'bout it? Mom's gonna get back in touch with the v-e-t, but we thought we'd ask our furriends, too.