Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snow is meltin' & Thanks Kat!

The snow almost went away last week, then we got lots more. Now it's goin' away again, and we hopes it stays away this time. Mom was excited 'cause she saw a robin the other day, and there are green things growin' up out of the ground! Gizmo is happy 'cause now she doesn't haves to walk through the snow to go out in the trees!

Last weekend we were furry excited to get a package from Finny & Buddy! It was the frames that they made to help Mu Shue, and they're great! We're still decidin' on what pictures we're gonna put in them. We're gonna put some on our fridgerator thing and give a couple to our Grandma so she can put them up too!

We want to say thank you and Happy Blogaversary to Kat's Cat of the Day!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


We just noticed that it's kinda been a long time since we last posted, so we made Mom sit down right away and help us. Mom and Dad opened up the windows for us today, so we have been enjoyin' the nice fresh air and sun! Our Grandma and Grandpa are away, so Mom and Dad hvae been goin' over to their house to spend some time with our Uncles Rocky (Woofie), Foster (Woofie), Rusty (BIG Ginger Kitty) and our Aunt Tippy (17 year old Kitty that Mom brought home when she was in school and said that she found her on the side of the road but she really saw an ad in the paper for free kittens and went to get her! Our Grandma didn't know the real story until years later when one of Mom's friends told her. She wasn't mad though 'cause she loves Tippy!) Anyway, they had to give Tippy nose drops 'cause her nose gets really stuffy sometimes and the v-e-t said that drops would help, and Grandma and Mom say that they really do help, but we hopes we never haves to get drops in our nose! Yuck! Poor Tippy, but if it helps her, we guess it's okay.

HUGS to efurryone!!