Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missin' Our Furriends

Sigh... This is what we've been doin' lately, waitin' for the beans to come home. Mom keeps promisin' us that she's gonna have more time to help us post and visit, but it never seems to happen. What's been keepin' her so busy? Karate. We're so tired of hearin' about this Karate thing that keeps makin' her and Dad stay away so much, and givin' them paperwork and tests to grade and all kinds of stress 'bout how their students are doin' and if the other people who are supposed to be helpin' are doin' what they're supposed to be doin' and and and...

Last Saturday, they were away all day at a tournament, (their team came in 2nd place out of over 20 teams!!) they came home for two minutes and six seconds, then left again to go fix Grandma's computer. (That was okay though, 'cause Grandma always takes good care of us, so we don't mind them helpin' her out.) When they are home, they're too tired to do much of anything, so we've been purrin' on them and enjoyin' the open windows while the weather's still nice.