Sunday, March 26, 2006


Thomas has found a home! We sent Mom & Dad out to the pet supply store on Friday (Mom was hopin' Dad would meet Thomas and want to bring him home) and Thomas was gone because he had been 'dopted! Yay, we are furry happy 'bout that! We do wish all kitties could find homes, though. Mom told us there were two sweet girl kitties there, Gabby and Cleo, who are littermates and need to be 'dopted together. If they came to live with us though, they'd be our sisfurs, so they couldn't be our girlfurriends, darn... If Dad thinks there's not enough room for one more, we know he's not gonna go for two more! They did bring home two catfish, but Mom says we can't play with them. We don't get it - if they are catfish, doesn't that mean they are fish 'specially for us?

Mom finally has our Secret Paws and Hare Mail stuff ready to send out. We have been buggin' her 'bout this for weeks now. We wanted to get it and send it out as soon as we found out who our Secret Paw is, but she's been pretty busy lately, so we've given her a little break. Now it's time for her to get movin'!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lots Goin' On!

Wow, there's been lots goin' on lately! Thanks to Buddy & Finny for a great party! We missed most of yesterday, though, 'cause the beans left us again (just during the day this time), and closed the computer up, so we couldn't use it.

The excitin' thing about why they were gone, though, is that they had five students who were testin' for their black belt. We're not really sure what that is, but Mom & Dad were all happy that their students passed the test and gotted their black belts!

We sent Mom out on Friday to look for stuff for our Secret Paw, and she wented to our local pet supply store. Sometimes they have kitties from different shelters livin' there for awhile to try
to finds them a home. She said there was a furry sweet kitty named Thomas and he talked to her and she gave him scritches and pets for a long time. We could smell him when she camed home. We don't mind that she was pettin' him 'cause he was lonely and needs a furrever home. She said she wanted to bring him home with her, but we're not so sure 'bout that! Also, Dad says that the two of us inside plus the two outside kitties are enough 'cause we don't haves that big of a house. Mom says he wouldn't take up that much room, but we don't think Dad's gonna give in on this one...

We will sadly miss our friend Moses and are sendin' purrs his way. We hopes he am doin' okay and that someday soon he finds a new inside furrever home.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Left Alone!

Smeagol: Mom and Dad wented away overnight on Friday and left us alone! They went to some kara-tay thing and didn't take us, even though I was all ready to go with my headband and efurrything!

Strider: They just gave us lots of food and water and left us! Usually they takes us with them (we don't mind ridin' in the car, unless we're goin' to the v-e-t) or they get someone to look in on us, but this time we were on our own. We shoulda had a party!

Smeagol: We were gonna ignore them when they got back, but we were too happy to see them!

Strider: And Mom said she was worried 'bout us the whole time. She also said that since they were stayin' with our great-grandma, she kept thinkin' she needed to go check on us, 'cause it's been a long time since they've stayed with her without takin' us and she's used to us bein' there.
Our sticky little people cousins were hopin' to see us too!

Smeagol: We hopes they learned their lesson and take us with them next time, or I'll practice some of my kara-tay on them!

Strider: Since it was really not a very long time and we had plenty to eat and drink, we had fun, but we're not tellin' them that!

Don't forget to sign up for the Catolympics over at Beau's. And remember, we need to know your (at least approximate) age, your weight(if you're sumo wrestling) and your location (state/country) if you're gonna carry the torch! You can sign up for multiple events, too!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yay! Registration is now open for the 2006 Summer Catolympics! For more information and to register, head on over to Beau's blog! There's gonna be all kinds of fun events, something for efurrycat!

We're still recoverin' from Magoo's party, well more like Strider is still recoverin', since he's such a lightweight! I'm makin' sure nobody bothers him so he can get his rest...

Sunday, March 05, 2006


This am Stripe, the other outside kitty who visits sometimes. We don't see him as often as we see Gizmo, who's at our door efurry day. We wonder if they are litter-mates. Stripe is much more scared of the beans than Gizmo, though. He runs away if they open the door, but Gizmo just goes to the edge of the deck.

We have spent most of the weekend at Magoo's party, so we are all sleepy and squinty, and Mom and Dad are wonderin' why. It's still goin' on, so if you haven't been there yet, head on over! It's lots of fun!

Strider: Fat Eric has invited me to be in The Gorgeous Gingers, and I really wants to join, but first Mom haves to send a picture of me, and right now they all have Smeagol in them too. Of course they have some pictures of Smeagol by himself, but none of just me. I guess I will have to cooperate and let them take my picture soon.