Friday, November 16, 2007

We're still here...

Thanks efurrybody for your concern and warnings to Strider 'bout goin' outside!! I (Smeagol) have gotten out a few times, mostly when I first came to live here, but I only ran around the side of the house. I realized how scary it was, so I don't try to get out anymore. I still like to smell the nice fresh air when the windows are open, though!! Mom thinks that Strider used to live near here and was abandoned, so when he gets out maybe he's tryin' to go back to where he used to live? No matter how careful the beans are, there are some times that he just zips out the door when they're comin' in. He's really fast and not that big. Mom said she saw some ideas in the comments over at MontyQ's that she's gonna try, but she won't tell us what they are!!

We do have another adventure to tell you 'bout, but we'll have to save that for later. Mom and Dad are takin' their students to a karate tournament. We hopes they all do well!! Sorry for worryin' anyone, Mom's just been furry busy, as usual. ::Sigh::