Saturday, January 26, 2008

Quick Update

We're feelin' better, but again, Mom's hesitatin' to say that we're totally better, 'specially after the last time... We have been takin' yucky pink stuff AND pills (Mom says it's half a pill) two times a day for the last ten days. Today is our last day of it, we hopes for good this time!! Mom says she hopes so too.

We have not been makin' it easy for Mom and Dad to give us our medicine, even though we do want to get better. The first few times, they tried givin' us the pill first, then the pink stuff. Guess what we discovered? If we don't swallow the pill, it makes us foam at the mouth. If they give us the pink stuff after the pill, it turns into pink sticky foam (that gets all over the place)!! HA HA HA!! Well, that didn't last long. Now we get the pink stuff first. Oh, and to even be able to get us to take our medicines, they haves to roll us up in a blanket so just our heads are stickin' out.

Thanks again efurryone for the thoughts, purrs, purrayers and efurrything!! We're gonna try to get Mom to help us get around to comment soon. Maybe we should roll her legs up in a blanket so she can't go anywhere...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Home!!

Hi efurryone, I'm home and feelin' better so far!! Thank you all so much for the purrs and purrayers and headbutts and efurrything!! I could feel them while I was at the v-e-t. She let me come home today even though I wasn't cooperatin' in givin' her that sample she wanted. Now Mom has to collect it and take it in sometime (that's what she gets for takin' me to the v-e-t and leavin' me there!!)

We both haves to take more medicine (Strider didn't get sick like me but his poop is still not totally normal) and we got special food we haves to eat for awhile. I was starvin' when I got home today (even though they did feed me at the v-e-t) and I ate some and am still feelin' okay. All my tests were pretty much normal (some things were a little high 'cause I was so stressed) so hopefully the medicines will really work this time. (The v-e-t said since we were doin' better after takin' the yucky pink stuff, but then I got sick again, that it worked a little bit, but now we haves to take more of it plus half a pill).

Uh oh, Mom says it's medicine time, gotta go hide... No, I don't want to go back to the v-e-t, so I guess I'll take it. Thanks again, efurryone, we all really appreciate efurrything!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Smeagol is at the v-e-t

Update: The v-e-t is keepin' him overnight 'cause she wants to get a "sample". She said the blood tests were okay with some slight elevations but she didn't seem too concerned 'bout them, and his uri-nalysis was okay too. Oh, and his x-rays were okay and he's gained a little weight since he was in last. Right now she thinks it might be a bug called heli-co-bacter, but she's waitin' for that "sample" first, to see if it's somethin' else. Thank you all for all the purrs and purrayers, they definitely help!! I just wish he could come home tonight instead of havin' to stay there...

Smeagol was feelin' better for 'bout a week (efurrything was back to normal), but he started feelin' worse again today. His appetite was fine last night, but not this morning. The v-e-t has a busy day, so they made Mom take Smeagol in and drop him off for the day or maybe even overnight. Mom is upset not only 'cause she wants him to be okay but also she knows how stressed he gets 'cause he hates goin' to the v-e-t so much. And I miss my brofur. I really hopes he gets to come home tonight. Please send purrs and purrayers that they can figure out why he's gettin' sick (and also that he doesn't have to stay at the v-e-t overnight).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mao and Annie - Please Come Home!!

UPDATE - They're both home safe!! Yay!!

Your families and furriends miss you. We're purrin' our hardest that you both come home NOW!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Feelin' Better (?)

We're feelin' better, but we put the question mark there 'cause Mom's still worried that we're not totally better yet. We've been runnin' around and playin', tryin' to show her that we feel much better, but she's still not totally convinced. (She says it's 'cause of what she sees in our litterboxes that she's still a little worried, but also she knows that since we're on anti-biotics, that can cause some, um, runniness too.) We don't get it, if that was the problem in the first place, why do we haves to take medicine that causes that? And the medicine, it's this pink yucky stuff that they shoot down our throats!! We like to try to make them get it all over themselves instead of down our throats 'cause it's bright pink and sticky, hee hee!!

We want to thank efurryone for the get well, Gotcha Day and New Year purrs, purrayers and wishes!! We're gonna try to get around to leave comments this weekend, but now Mom's sick (she says it's just a cold) and she's tryin' to get lotsa sleep to make it go away. WE think we should pry her mouth open and pour pink sticky stuff down it!!