Monday, May 29, 2006


Yay! We are gonna be celebratin' Purrthday/Gotcha Day with our good furriend Oreo! The party's gonna be at his place on June 9, 10 & 11! (The real day we share is June 15, but that's a Thursday and the Catolympics start that weekend, so we are havin' the party early). Also, there'll be no alcohol and responsible use of nip only. This is good 'cause the Catolympics are comin' up and lots of kitties are in trainin'! There will be lots of yummy food, and we gets to go outside! For kitties like us who don't normally go outside, don't worry, it will be safe and supervised! So efurryone is invited, and you can start transportin' over to Oreo's around 6PM on Friday, June 9!

We have been havin' sooo much fun with all our visitors to the attic! It makes lots of noise over the beans' heads, but Mom said it's okay 'cause it helps distract from the neighbors' noise! It's gotten purrty hot here lately, (90 degrees today) though, and Dad says it's really hot in the attic, so any further explorations will have to be at night when it's cooler. He doesn't want any of us to get ofurr-heated. We gotted a new climbing tower as an early purresent, so we're just hangin' out on it tryin' to stay cool today!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Secret Paws Pictures, Finally!

We gotted our Secret Paws package a looong time ago and posted pictures on the Secret Paws site, but Mom hasn't helped us post them here until NOW!

We never got a package just for us before!

Look, it's from Mini!!

There are fuzzy toys (that we LOVE), treatses (YUMMY!) and NIP!

My purrecious...

I didn't even give Mom a chance to take it out of the plastic bag!

Thanks again, Mini, we are still enjoyin' efurrything!!

Oh, anycat who wants to teleport over to explore the attic is welcome to! We can try to figure out how to walk on the ceiling and Beau Beau can help take care of the insulation. We can look for spiders, snakes & boogymen too, but we thinks most of the spiders are inside, not in the attic, 'cause we find them and then Mom is happy but she takes them away from us! Beau, yes it was funny makin' Dad exercise up there, Mom really wishes she had found the camera!

In other news, we've had to snuggle the beans a lot lately. We gotted new neighbors and they are pretty loud sometimes. None of us are used to it, and we hide when it's really loud. It's been okay lately, after Mom asked them (nicely) to turn the music down so that she and Dad could sleep, but we're nervous with this bein' the weekend. We're just waitin' and hopin' it's not too bad... Also Mom is havin' work issues complicated by the fact that one of her bosses is her step-sister; she's all way upset about that. So we've been pretty busy takin' care of them for the last week or so.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Attic Exploration!

Since Strider got to have an adventure the other day (even though it's not one I wanted to join in on anyway), Dad decided that I should have a different kind of adventure! He was puttin' stuff up in the attic, and he told Mom to get me and carry me up the ladder to him. I wasn't even scared - I wanted to go through the secret door in the ceiling! Mom wented down to get the camera (but couldn't find it) and then she heard loud noises comin' from above her head! She ran back up the ladder to see what was goin' on, and saw Dad chasin' me around. I had managed to 'scape from Dad to do some explorin'!

Let's see... there's lotsa boxes up there (good for hidin' behind), some dead bees that I wanted to play with (but wasn't allowed, grrr) and a lot of that insulation stuff that poor Beau Beau gotted in his eye. It was yellow, though, not pink like the stuff he has. Mom was worried that I was gonna get into it and get hurt. Dad caught me and told her I was fine. It was funny makin' him chase me though, 'cause I could run all over the place, but he couldn't even stand up. All I know is that it was kinda like walkin' on the ceiling, but then there's more ceiling above that's lots lower than the regular one. I wonder if I could somehow get on top of that ceiling?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My V-E-T Adventure! (By Strider)

First, we wants to say thanks for all the suggestions for calmin' Smeagol down before he haves to go to the v-e-t. Mom am gonna get in touch with the v-e-t when it's closer to the time that he has to go and they'll figure out what they're gonna do. Now on to the story of my visit today...

Mom and Dad told me today was the day I had to go see Dr. Ellen, and put me in my crate with my bag of nip that Mini sent for Secret Paws. I talked the whole way there, in between enjoyin' my nip. When we got there, the lady at the desk told us that we had to wait 'cause they already had some emergencies to take care of. There was another bean waitin' with her kitty too. Another ginger kitty! Then, this made us all very sad - a bean came out cryin' and the v-e-t beans told her they would take care of her pet and to call if she had any questions. We all felt really bad.

When I did go into the room, I wasn't gonna come out of my nice safe crate, but they dragged me out, weighed me, then took my temperature. All you kitties know what that's like - I was NOT happy 'bout it! Dr. Ellen came in, checked me out, said I looked great, then she trimmed my claws! I can't scratch anything anymore! Mom says they'll grow back, but I NEED them, NOW! After that, she looked at my teeths and said they looked great, but then cleaned the big ones in the back. I was awake the whole time! I didn't even growl or hiss. Then I got to get back in my crate... and Dr. Ellen gave me a mousie! (A toy, not a real one).

The next part of my adventure was stoppin' at Grandma's house. I've never been there before, so I got to meet my two uncle woofies, Rocky and Foster, my uncle kitty Rusty (he should join Gorgeous Gingers, 'cept this is weird - he goes to Dr. Ellen too, and she says he's a mutant, 'cause he's got some black smudges on him. He looks like he got oil on him, but it's his fur!), and my aunt kitty, Tippy. I was kind of mad though, 'cause they all gotted to be outside and I was stuck in the house, lookin' out the window at them. They haves a really big yard without any roads nearby, so they get to spend lotsa time outside. Finally, I got to come home, where Smeagol had to check me out since I was gone for so long. He said I smelled funny! I was so glad to be home, I didn't care.

Mom wants us to tell you that she's workin' on addin' efurryone's links, but that it's takin' her a long time. So if we don't haves you yet, please be patient, we're workin' on it!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


We are very sad that the Meezers Grampa Norton has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a very old gentleman cat, and his family will miss him very much. He joins his brother Ralphie and together they are watching over their family. He is at peace now; we wish peace for the family he had to leave behind.