Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend at Home

Finally Mom and Dad stayed home with us for a weekend!! What we were supposed to do was go to visit Mom's aunt and uncle who live a few hours away (all of us - we don't mind travelin'), but plans got changed, so we had a nice weekend all to ourselves at home. We took turns layin' on Mom and Dad so they couldn't get up and go out, 'cause we know that once we're layin' on them, they can't get up until we do, no matter what they have to do!! It was good stress-relief for them too, 'cause they had problems with both of the monsters with wheels a few days ago and we could tell what they really needed was to just relax for once!! We also entertained them by runnin' through the house at top speed, chasin' each other and wrestlin'. Now we're tired and just hangin' out in front of the open windows. It's still warm here, but it's cool at night sometimes and we know that soon (too soon for us!) we won't be able to have the windows open 'cause it'll be cold (but good snugglin' weather). Oh, Mom told us that we don't haves to worry 'bout those woofies (in our last post) comin' to our house, she said her dad has someone who takes care of them when he travels. Phew, we're relieved to hear that!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

They left us again!!

We're really gettin' tired of the beans goin' away and leavin' us here. But Grandma comes over to be with us and we have fun with her, so it's not all that bad, but still... This was the 7th time in 4 months that they left us!! This is not normal for them at all. Mom said she didn't like leavin' us so much either, but they had friends gettin' married, and karate stuff and this last time they went to see Mom's Dad. We've never met him and she hadn't seen him in two years, so she wanted to visit with him for awhile. She thinks she convinced him and her stepmom to come visit us next year, so we'll get to meet them then! When they came back, though, everything they brought in the house smelled like woofies. Big woofies. We're hopin' they don't come to visit, 'cause even though Mom said they were nice, we could tell that they hadn't ever been around kitties and we're afraid they might think we're toys or somethin'!! Do they look scary to you?