Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy Beans

Mom and Dad have both had bad colds (well, Dad's gettin' over his and Mom's just gettin' it), and they've still been workin' lots. Now this weekend they're havin' a memorial service for Dad's Grandma, who passed away in December, (she was 94 and had been out Christmas shopping, so was active right up till the end), so they're gonna be busy with family stuff all weekend.

We seem to be still feelin' better, so Mom says she's got her fingers crossed that we're all better. We haven't had much time to visit at all with our furriends, but we want efurryone to know that we're so thankful for all the get well wishes and blogiversary wishes and stuff!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Belated Blogiversary

Yesterday was our 2nd Blogiversary, and Mom made us miss it 'cause she's been busy (so she says...) We're so glad to have met so many wonderful furriends, and we're meetin' new ones all the time, too!!

Mom says she's "cautiously optimistic" that we're feelin' better, and we're finished with the yucky medicines, but we still haves to eat the special food for awhile. It's not too bad, really. Thank you to efurryone for the concern, thoughts, purrs, purrayers and efurrything else, they really help!!

We were furry excited today to learn that Miss Karen Jo wrote wonderful limericks for Mystery and Smeagol!! (We missed Mystery's yesterday, again 'cause Mom was busy...) Added 2/7/08 - And Strider's is up today!! Added 2/8/08 - And Gizmo's!! Thank you so much, Karen Jo, we all loves our limericks!!

We're hopin' that Mom will help us update our links this weekend, we have so many to add!! And we want to get around to commentin', too. Usually we just have time to pop in and read to keep caught up with efurryone, but not to say anything. We've been tryin' to do a few at a time. We just want our furriends to know we're thinkin' of them even if we don't say much most of the time!!