Saturday, September 23, 2006

Um, Dad...

Is it supposed to be rainin' on the dining room table?

Mom was takin' a shower this morning and there was a wall of water pourin' through the ceiling. Dad came downstairs and I (Smeagol) asked him why it was rainin' inside. (Strider likes to hang out in the bathroom while the beans get their showers, don't ask me why). So... they spent all day runnin' to hardware stores and bangin' around in the walls, and they think they have it fixed now. I hopes so, it made me tired just watchin' them! And the ceiling actually seems to be fine, which is good too.

Thanks for all the well wishes for Mom, she's feelin' a little better today (it's a good thing too, with the stupid leak thing needin' to be fixed)!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We knew it!

Even though we tried our best to make her rest, Mom got a cold. We don't understand that, 'cause she feels warm to us. Anyway, she's hopin' she'll feel better by the weekend (oh yeah, she's been going to work while she's sick, too) so that she can help us post kitten pictures. We've been bein' good uncles by watchin' over them through the big glass door, 'specially when Gizmo leaves them alone. Dad calls them "Mini-Moes" 'cause Gizmo is their mom and we're pretty sure Moses (we named him that in honor of our bloggin' furriend Mad Moses Kitty) is their dad.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pictures, Finally!

Okay, we know it's been furrever, but we finally have the pictures of when Gigi and Ginny first came to live with us AND our Secret Paws purresents!

Strider says hello!

Smeagol greets the girls!

Hey Smeagol, our Secret Paws package is here!

Look at all the goodies! Of course we'll share with you, Gigi and Ginny!
Hey, there's even a picture of our Secret Paw, Indigo!

There's so much fun stuff, we can't decide what to play with first!
And lotsa purple stuff, our favorite color!

C'mon Mom, open the mousie for me!

Thanks again to our Secret Paw Indigo! We have been havin' lotsa fun playin' with efurrything, and eatin' the yummy Temptations! Gigi and Ginny are doin' really well, too, but they're lots quieter and eat a lot less than we do. We all get along great with each other!

P.S. Pictures of Gizmo's kittens coming soon...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mom's Furry Tired

BUT she promised she'll help us put pictures up and do a longer post this weekend. Right now she just needs to rest 'cause of all the runnin' around and workin' late she's been doin', so she doesn't get sick or something. She and Dad say thanks to efurryone for the annifursary wishes! Oh, and she told us that they did miss us the whole time they were on vay-cay-shun. So why did they go, then, we want to know?

We do want to let you all know that we stopped givin' the beans purrs and stuff for awhile AND Strider threw up a couple times right before their friend came to visit last weekend. Oh, and their friend - Dad asked if she liked cats before she got here and she said yes. Then when she got here, she expected us to have a room that we got put in or somethin'! HA!

They explained to us where they went, but we still don't really get it. They went to see somethin' called the Space Shuttle get launched and while they were waitin' to see if it would go, they visited a mouse called Mickey at his world. Why does a mouse have his own world? Anyway, in that world is a place called Ep-cot and it has lots of different "countries", that's how they got to all those places in a few days. Beans are weird!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Because...

We forgot to mention your annifursary, Mom and Dad, doesn't mean that it's okay for you to go away and leave us for a week! Okay, we know Grandma was here to take care of us, and yes, she took good care of us, but that still doesn't make it okay. We thought you were just runnin' around like crazy 'cause you were busy, and then you left us! We were hopin' we'd escape that vacayshun thing that all of our furriends had to deal with recently, but we didn't. And why would you go visit a mouse?! Also, we're confused 'cause we heard you sayin' that you wented to places like England, Mexico, Japan, Norway, Canada and other places. Now, we have furriends in some of those countries and we KNOW you can't go to all of those places in a day or two like you said you did. We are sorry that Ernesto guy delayed the launch of that spaceship thing you were so excited 'bout seein', though. And we are furry glad you're back! We couldn't pretend to be mad even though we wanted to, our purring gave us away!

We missed a lot while the beans were away, and even though we weren't able to check blogs, we were purrayin' (and continue to) for all of our furriends.

We hope to get pictures of Gigi and Ginny and our Secret Paws stuff posted soon, but Mom and Dad said that one of their friends might be visitin' this weekend, so now they're rushin' around tryin' to get the house ready and we might not be able to post pictures 'til next week.