Thursday, July 27, 2006


The other day, our neighbors abandoned their two kitties and left them outside. Mom found them hangin' around in front of our place and spent lotsa time pettin' and talkin' to them, and they were furry nice. (We watched from the window). We won't get into lotsa detail, (we really don't know much anyway) but the police were involved with the reason the neighbors left, so it's prob'ly better that they didn't take the kitties along, but they still shouldn't have just left them. Anyway, the police knew they left the kitties, so they called a nice local rescue lady who came to get them.

Mom told us later that we almost had two new bruddies, but that they're goin' to a good place where they're gonna find a great furrever home! Mom is sad though 'cause she wanted their furrever home to be with us, but Dad thinks our place is just too small for 4 big ('cept for Strider) indoor-only male cats. We're not sure how we feel 'bout it. It might have been fun to have two more kitties to play with, but we also have all our favorite spaces figured out and stuff like that. We are sendin' purrs to them that they find their furrever home soon! We haves to go snuggle Mom now so she's not so sad.

Friday, July 21, 2006

DaisyMae Maus

Poor DaisyMae thinks that no one is readin' her blog 'cause comment moderation is on, so the comments aren't showin' up. Lots of us are readin' her blog and leavin' comments, and we don't want her to get discouraged and stop bloggin'!

DaisyMae, if you read this, here's how to change it so that comment moderation is turned off:
Sign in to your blog, go to Change Settings, click on Comments and about halfway down the page it says Enable comment moderation?, change that to No. Then go down to the bottom and click on Save Settings. If you entered an email address before, all of the comments you've gotten may be there, or if you didn't, they should be on the "Moderate Comments" page, which is under the Posting tab. There you should find all of the comments that have been left but have not been approved or rejected.

If anycat readin' this doesn't already know about DaisyMae, please post this on your blog. We don't know whose blogs she reads, so the more cats who post this, the better the chance is that she will find out what's going on and will realize that we are readin' & commentin'!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hi efurryone! Sorry we haven't posted lately, it's just been hot, so we haven't been doin' much other than tryin' to keep cool. The ghost has been quiet lately, hmmm - maybe they get hot too...

There is one of us who LOVES the heat, so we're gonna let Mystery talk a little 'bout goin' outside. (We bet she won't tell you that she tried to get away by doin' alligator rolls and that she clawed Mom and whipped her with her tail!)

Hi, Mystery here. It's been sooo nice outside, and I love to bask in the sun, so the Mom and Dad took me out a few days ago. I have to wear a silly harness thing, though, because I'm very fast when I want to be and I'd be out in those trees in a second. I'd love it, but then the Mom and Dad might not be able to find me (or get me out of a tree) and I'd get cold at night, so I put up with the harness. (I did try to escape, though. I couldn't help myself; those trees look like too much fun!)

Here I am plotting my escape attempt...

What happened was that I started to roll to get away from Mom and when she grabbed me, I was all squirmy. My claws aren't retractable, and when you have a tail as long as mine, if you're squirmy, it acts like a whip. (That is one of my defenses, but I didn't mean to get Mom, I just wanted to climb the trees!)

I hope you all keep cool while I enjoy the heat!