Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today's a big celebratin' day, 'cause it's Father's Day AND our Purrthday!! Well, Mom doesn't know when our REAL purrthdays are, so we just have them both today. We were nice to Dad today and let him sleep in, and then we got SALMON!! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

We loves you, Stormie

We will hold you in our hearts furrever, strong, beautiful Storm.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Now it's HOT!!

We can't believe that less than a month ago we had snow, and now it's 95 degrees!! We're just layin' around tryin' to stay cool. We don't haves those air coolin' things 'cause it usually only gets this hot a few times a year. This is early for it to be so hot though. The beans have lotsa fans blowin', so that helps a little.

Those nasty Gypsy Moth things are still around, and they are like spiders, floatin' down on their strings. But - a plane came one day and flew really low and sprayed stuff on the trees, and now there aren't as many of them. Mom made sure the windows were closed when they were sprayin' even though they said it would only hurt the Gypsy things and not beans or animals.

AND, one night Mom and Dad left us home alone ALL NIGHT. Guess where they were... They stayed overnight at Grandma's 'cause there's a new puppy there and the Grandbeans had to go out of town and they didn't want to leave the puppy all alone. We guess it's okay... we're glad 'bout the new puppy (her name is Carley) 'cause when our Uncle Rocky went to the Bridge back in July, we weren't sure if the Grandbeans were gonna get another woofie.

Here's a picture of Carley with our Uncle Rusty. Mom says it's hard to get pictures of her 'cause she's always movin' around!!