Sunday, December 31, 2006

What we did over the holly-days...

Mom and Dad taught us karate! (Gizmo didn't pawticipate 'cause she's still healin'. She's doin' just fine, though). We also rode in the car to visit Dad's family and spent a couple nights at our great-grandma's house, (where we had fun keepin' Mom awake at night). We don't mind ridin' in the car as long as we're not goin' to the v-e-t's. Now we're home and it's purrty quiet. Oh, the beans did eventually get efurrything done in time for Chrissymouse, and the neece loved the dollhouse Dad built for her! We're gonna go to the Noo Yeer's party at Hot(M)BC's bloggie, efurryone's invited! More details here: Cat Blogosphere
We hopes efurryone is havin' good holly-days!
Update: We just realized that today is my (Smeagol's) Gotcha Day! We've been so busy with all the holly-day stuff we almost furgotted! Mom says we'll get a special treat to celebrate later, after she and Dad get back from dinner at Grandma's house.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

She's Home!

Gizmo's home! We were so furry excited to see her! 'Cept she smelled like the v-e-t's office so I (Smeagol) was a little confused and I hissed at her... Then I felt bad, but she forgave me! She's doin' fine, but the v-e-t wants her to go back in 2-4 weeks for her second dis-temper booster. We knows she's not gonna be happy 'bout that!

Mom and Dad are havin' trouble with our tree, it's big and kinda wobbly. It's still all wrapped up and Dad built somethin' to keep it stable so that when we run around it like crazy it won't fall over on us! So it's not decorated, they still haves to wrap purresents, Dad's still workin' on the dollhouse for the neece and Mom says she has lotsa cleanin' to do. Silly beans, it's not like they didn't know Chrissymouse was comin'!

We're furry happy to hear that our Secret Paws, Grr, Midnight and Cocoa gotted their package! We tried to play with efurrything before we sent it, but Mom mostly was able to keep us away from it. She said we haves to wait and see what's in our stocking! Last year they had to hide our stocking until it was time for us to look in it 'cause we wouldn't leave it alone!

We hopes all of our furriends and their families enjoy the holly-days!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The v-e-t just called and they were able to do Gizmo's ladygardenectomy today! She was still asleep but did really well, and also her tests came back fine! Mom says Gizmo will be home tomorrow, yay! We keep forgettin' where she is and are always lookin' outside for her.

Here's the story of gettin' her to the v-e-t:
Mom and Dad were plannin' on takin' her in Monday night 'cause the office is open late that night, (until 7 PM) and that way, Gizmo would be there first thing in the morning ready for her surgery. They had efurrything ready to catch her - the crate and the KFC to lure her into the crate (last time they tried efurrything from tuna to a warm turkey drumstick, but they were also tryin' to use a humane trap, and she wasn't goin' for that! They heard that KFC works sometimes when other things don't). Mom put some KFC outside and some in the crate and waited for Gizmo to come to the deck. She waited and waited, then decided maybe Gizmo wasn't comin' because she could see Mom there. By this time it was gettin' close to 7 PM, too. Mom went in and sat on the couch for two minutes, and when she went back out to check, Gizmo was there and had already eaten the KFC! She had started to eat the regular food that Mom had put out (hopin' Gizmo would hear the sound of the food being poured in the dish), so Mom went outside to figure out what she was gonna do. Gizmo kept scurryin' away from Mom, but she kept headin' back to her food dish too. Sometimes she lets Mom pet her when she's eatin', so Mom decided to try to grab her. She petted her for a little bit then grabbed her (we don't think Gizmo's efur gonna let Mom pet her again)! There was a little trouble gettin' her into the crate, but there were no injuries to either Gizmo or Mom. They tried callin' the v-e-t to tell them they were on the way, but there was no answer. Sometimes they stay later and don't answer the phone, and they were expectin' Gizmo that night, so Mom and Dad loaded her into the car and drove to the v-e-t's office, which was all dark and closed...

At this point, Mom called Grandma, who said she could keep Gizmo for the night and get her to the v-e-t's office furry early in the morning! (She lives lots closer to it than we do). So Gizmo got to spend the night with our Grandma (Mom was furry glad 'cause she wasn't sure where she was gonna keep Gizmo for the night at our house). Thanks Grandma, you're the best!

Oh, for the record, we got to try some of the KFC, but we don't like it! Gizmo loves it though (she didn't really get to eat that much 'cause Mom was worried 'bout her eatin' before her surgery, but they couldn't figure out any other way to get her to go in the crate or stay still enough to be grabbed).

We'll update once we hear more news...

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Gizmo didn't have her ladygardenectomy last week 'cause the beans couldn't catch her (they were usin' a trap, but she was too smart for that!) Also, it turned out to be a good thing that they didn't catch her 'cause the v-e-t's office called the morning she was supposed to go in and said they had to cancel the appointment. They said they had too many 'mergencies, which made us sad for all those furries and their beans. She has another appointment scheduled for Tuesday, we hopes it works out this time, we'll let you know.
Update 12/19/06: Gizmo is at the v-e-t's (we'll tell you 'bout catchin' her and gettin' her there later), but they just called and said they had lotsa 'mergencies again, so they haven't done anything with her yet and will keep her overnight so that they can do her surgery tomorrow. (There's only one v-e-t in the practice, so we knows she's furry busy and 'mergencies are most important).

We do haves some more pictures of the Mini Moes, and of the stuff Derby sent for bein' his 10,000th visitors, and some tummy pics of Smeagol, and... well, we haves lotsa pictures that Mom needs to get Dad to send from his computer to her computer. We're gonna haves to get after them 'bout that!

We sent Mom out shoppin' for our Secret Paws, and she got the stuff, now we just gotta get her to send it! We're hopin' she'll get it out in the next coupla days. When she came home from shoppin', she smelled like another kitty. The store she went to has kitties there from different shelters so that maybe they can find their furrever homes. Anyway, she said there was a grey kitty there named Smokey who reminded her of One of Those Who Came (Right) Before Us, who was also a grey kitty named Smokey. She said she spent lotsa time pettin' him and he was furry friendly. We could tell she really wanted to bring him home, 'specially since he reminded her so much of her Smokey, who wented to the Bridge on 12/28/02. We're gonna post his story someday, along with his sisfur Bunny's story. We weren't upset that she was pettin' him, and she snuggled us extra when she came home.

The other fun thing we did this weekend was go to Ella and Fitzgerald's party! They were great hosts and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mini Moes Update

Well, the Mini Moes have gone to live at the furry nice (no-kill) shelter, where they will be around lots more beans than just Mom and Dad, and will have a better chance of findin' a furrever home! Mom is furry sad about it though, so we are spendin' lotsa time snugglin' her to make her feel better. We thinks she was kinda hopin' they would just end up stayin' with us...
Gizmo is goin' to have her ladygardenectomy on Tuesday (if Mom and Dad can catch her). We hopes she's not too mad about it when she comes back! We'll make sure to tell her that it's only 'cause Mom and Dad want to do what's best for her.

Mom says thanks for the well wishes and suggestions for her to feel better. She's had two weeks straight of not bein' sick! We're all sendin' purrs and purrayers for all the other Moms and also our furriends who are sick or havin' surgeries.

Oh, and no more open windows, it's back to normal and cold outside here. It's nice and sunny here today though, so we're gonna go sit in the sun spots!