Friday, June 30, 2006

Strange Things Goin' On...

Over the last few weeks, there have been some weird things happenin' around here! First, the mirror in the bafroom in the basement fell off the wall (it didn't break, luckily!) It happened at night, and Mom & Dad heard the noise, but they thought it was just us knockin' a pizza box over. Of course, blame the kitties for the strange noises... (We don't go into the basement dungeon place, so they couldn't blame the mirror fallin' on us).

The next thing was that a planter on the deck fell off the railing and broked. It wasn't on a night that we had storms or anything, and once again, we don't go out on the deck, so we didn't do it! (It could have been Gizmo, though, but we didn't see anything!)

The last (and probably worst) thing is that the floor-ess-ent light above the laundry machines fell out of the ceiling! Not just the bulb, the whole thing! Dad stepped in the glass before he realized what happened, but he didn't cut himself. This was also in the basement, and Mom was glad that it's not somewhere that we could have gotten hurt by the glass, 'cause the glass was efurrywhere! Mom & Dad spent hours tryin' to clean it all up, and they're still findin' pieces. The other good things were that it wasn't plugged in and nobody was doin' laundry when it happened. Anyway, this all makes Mom wonder if we have a pole ter... what? Oh, a ghost. A GHOST?! We're goin' to hide now...

Friday, June 23, 2006


We want to thank efurryone for the nice purrthday wishes! We had a great day and just have been furry tired from the big party and then the Catolympics the weekend after. We know this is kinda late, but we want to say how great the Catolympics were, (even though we didn't compete) and what a great job efurryone did, the Torch Runners, the Competitors, the Commentators and the Judges! Efurryone should be way proud! Special thanks to Beau and his mom (for comin' up with the idea and then doin' sooo much hard work organizing all of it), to Timmy and his mom (for the logos, website, store and other stuff that needed to be done) and the Calico Girls and their mom (for hostin' the whole thing and makin' it such a memorable event for all of us)!

Smeagol: Last night we had loud boomin' noises and weird stuff that came out of the sky that wasn't rain but wasn't snow, either. It made loud noises on the roof and all I wanted to do was hide under the bed. Strider acted like nothin' was goin' on, 'cause he's crazy!

Strider: Those loud noises don't bother me much 'cause I used to be outside during them and I got used to it. I am afraid of strange people in my house, though (and Smeagol isn't, so I think he's crazy for that). One time there were lotsa strange people, and Mom was lookin' for me in my usual hidin' spots and couldn't find me. She got furry upset 'cause she thought I sneaked outside when all the beans were comin' in the door. She was outside lookin' for me when Dad told her that he found me hidin' behind the toilet! (I figured out that wasn't the best place to be when the first bean came in to use it!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Purrthday/Gotcha Day?!

We're really not sure what to call today... Mom doesn't know when our real purrthdays are, and our Gotcha Days are in December and April, but we didn't know 'bout celebratin' them back in December. Anyway, a few years ago when we were at the v-e-t, she asked Mom when our purrthdays were and since Mom didn't know, the v-e-t told her to make up a day. Mom picked June 15 for both of us, 'cause she was pretty sure Smeagol was born sometime in June. We think she picked the same day for both of us 'cause it's easier for her to remember! We also say we're the same age, (4 today) even though nobody really knows how old Strider is, even him! (The v-e-t estimated his age when he first went to see her).

Since we already celebrated so much and had so much fun visitin' with efurryone at Oreo's last weekend (Thanks, Oreo and Happy Purrthday to you!) we're just gonna have a quiet day today with some purresents and cake and (we hope) salmon!

Mom keeps promisin' she's gonna help us add more links and post more often, but she's been furry busy with lots of stuff lately. Even if we don't comment, we are readin' your blogs and tryin' to keep up with what's goin' on! We hope she'll have more time to help us soon!

Mom: Happy Purrthday (or whatever) you sweet guys! Someone else wants to say something...


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sooo Excited!

We can't wait for tomorrow and the start of the big party at Oreo's! We're gonna be celebratin' lotsa kitties' Purrthdays and Gotcha Days and it's gonna be so much fun!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

We made it!

Wow! We saw so much cool stuff on our way to Sanjee, Boni & Mini's house! There were historic battlefields and a huge museum with lots and lots of different buildings (we only had time to peek into a couple of them) and then we stopped in Manassas to visit with our aunt, uncle & cousins for a little while before continuin' on to our destination! Sanjee, Boni and Mini were waitin' to greet us, and they had some of their wonderful nip ready just for us! Of course we ate and had lotsa nice cool water before gettin' into the nip! We are gonna visit with them and then get some rest for our trip home tomorrow (and let them rest up 'cause they're goin' to North Carolina!) Maybe we'll get to check out more of those museums on our way back! Oh, we heard Timmy is makin' some stops on his way home - we hopes he has lotsa fun!

Takin' Off!

We are leavin' for Virginia with the Torch! We had sooo much fun visitin' with Timmy and the Drive-In was great! There were lotsa birdies on a big, big screen, and we gotted to eat special ice cream that was really yummy! Then we came home and rested up in a mini nap pile, and Timmy told us all about the adventures he had on his way here. We know his Momma and Grammie missed him and will be glad to have him home, but it was fun havin' a sleep over!

We are very honored to be among all of the brave Torch Bearing kitties. We are nervous about being away from home, but we know Sanjee, Boni & Mini's Mom will take good care of us when we get there! Maybe we'll be able to get some ham on our way for Miles! (We'll try not to eat it all!)

Smeagol: Are you ready to go, Strider?

Strider: Just one last scratch to sharpen my claws so I can hold on to the Torch, and we're off!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Timmy's Here!!

We've been takin' turns watchin' and waitin' all day 'cause we've been sooo excited to see Timmy, and now he's here! We're gonna have some Stinky Goodness, Crunchies and cool water 'cause Timmy am hungry after his long day (even though he ate some Shoofly pie on his way). Then we're gonna go to the Drive-In to relax and see a special movie they gotted just for us kitties! It's all about birdies! We can't wait! After the movie we're gonna come home and rest up for our part of the relay. We gets to go to Virginia to see Sanjee, Boni and Mini. We're all excited to meet them, 'specially since Mini was our Secret Paw! Then Sanjee and Boni are gonna take the Torch on to Finnegan in North Carolina!