Friday, October 27, 2006


We just want to let efurryone know that we're gonna be hostin' the November Purrthday/Gotcha Day party next Saturday, Nov. 4, starting at 11 AM EST and goin' till whenever. We are furry excited!

We haven't been postin' or commentin' much at all lately 'cause the Mini-Moes are still livin' here. They take up lotsa Mom's time, so she hasn't been able to help us visit efurryone's bloggies or post. She is makin' sure to pay extra-special attention to us, though. We do hopes the cat rescue lady can take them soon, 'cause it's makin' Mom furry tired! (They're still cute, though...) She's able to pet a couple of them, but the other two are still furry skittish.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Update on the Mini-Moes

Mom and Dad caught all four of them last night with Hav-a-Hart traps the cat rescue lady loaned them. They're probably gonna go live with her, Mom has to call her to see if/when she can take them. Right now they're hangin' out in a big cage with nice padding, blankets, food, water and a litter box, (which they've already used). Mom is sad that they won't be around anymore, but we reminded her that she'd be sadder if somethin' happened to them. Plus it's gettin' colder out, and this way they'll be in a nice warm place for the winter. She can visit them at the cat rescue lady's house, too. We have some more cute pictures of them to post, sometime...

The other weird thing is that Mom and Dad went to sleep last night, then got up only a few hours later, got dressed in their strange clothes that they wear when they go to kar-a-tay and left! They came back a couple hours later and went to sleep and didn't get up to go work! They said they took off work today, so it's okay. We wanna know where they went, though. That was way too early 'cause they woke us up makin' noise when they were gettin' ready! Oh, Mom said we don't haves to worry 'bout it happenin' again (not for awhile anyway). It was a special thing where they went to teach the Air Force ROTC cadets some self de-fence. Is that like hissin', scratchin' and bitin'?

We are furry excited that we're gonna be hostin' our good furriend Beau's Purrthday Party! It's gonna be on Saturday, Nov. 4 (most likely) and we don't have specific times yet but it'll probably go on for most of the day. We'll let efurryone know more details when they're finalized.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Here are the Mini-Moes, finally! Mom hasn't had any luck catchin' them, but they'll let her get pretty close, so she's hopin' soon she'll at least be able to pet them.

This is our favoritest picture of them, even though you can't see the third one up as well as the others.

Gizmo (the mom) hangin' out with the kittens. She's startin' to let them be on their own a little now, like last night they spent the whole night on our deck but she wasn't around. She was there to eat earlier, though. Oh, Mom wanted us to mention that she will be gettin' Gizmo fixed when she can catch her so that there aren't more kittens, (even though they're really cute).

We think Dad has more pictures of them all piled up together in the bed Mom put out for them, so we'll bug him to send those to Mom's computer soon so that we can post them.

In other news, the water situation seems to be fine, no more indoor rain! We didn't like that, and neither did Mom and Dad!