Thursday, April 27, 2006


We've been tagged by Merlin, Shadow & Ko Ko! We haves to figure out what our five favorite bloggin' words are. Hmmm...

1. Not really one word, but we like adding furr or purr to words, like furriends or purrson - we're not sure who started this
2. Beans! We loves our beans! We're not sure who started this either... (Catifornia maybe?)
3. Stinky Goodness Thanks to Max we know what to ask for when we wants canned food!
4. Nip/Kitty Crack Not sure 'bout the Nip, but Max started Kitty Crack too. We also like Nipped Out
5. Scritches - We loves gettin' scritches! Can't remember who started this either, we know some of you other kitties know, but Mom's not givin' us lots of time to do this, so we can't look it up.

If anycat readin' this hasn't been tagged yet, you are now! We're not sure who has or hasn't been tagged...


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