Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smeagol's Gotcha Day and Happy New Year!!

Today (Dec. 31) is Smeagol's Gotcha Day, and Mom just barely got this post up in time!!
Happy New Year, efurryone!!

Added Jan. 1: Mom was typin' the post as the ball was droppin', so she was in a big hurry.
She was gonna post a picture of Smeagol that was taken not long after his Gotcha Day, but she has a different computer and still has to get all of the pictures switched over. Anyway, we celebrated with yummy salmon!!

Some of you prob'ly already know this story, but we'll tell it again for those who don't.
The One Who Came Before, Smokey, had gone to the Bridge on Dec. 28, 2002 (he'd been sick and the beans were expectin' it, but they were still so furry sad) and they were lonely without a kitty, so they decided to see if the shelter was open on New Year's Eve. It was, and there was a black kitty that kept reachin' out through his cage and meowin' at them. It was hard for them to leave the other kitties there, but this kitty definitely wanted to come home with the beans!! Before they could leave with him, they had to call the v-e-t to schedule his hoohaectomy, and luckily the v-e-t was still open (it bein' New Year's Eve, they were a little worried that it would be closed). And Smeagol got to come home!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Claws is Watchin'

Strider escaped twice recently - doesn't he know that Santa Claws is watchin' and that if he gets in trouble he won't get any purresents? This better not mean that Santa Claws doesn't come here at all, 'cause I (Smeagol) have been furry good!!

Strider picked one of the coldest days to run out the back door (he hadn't done it for over a year, so Mom had let her guard down some - but only a little bit, she's always careful. She was shuttin' the door and it almost shut on him). Mom had to go get the flashlight and walk around in the neighbors' yards followin' him around. She was afraid someone was gonna call the police or somethin'!! Then he went up by the road (Mom gets really upset when he does that) and he CROSSED THE STREET!! He went across and rolled around on the ground, then when Mom went after him, he crossed back and stopped at the edge of the road to roll around again. Luckily it's not a big street, but sometimes it is kinda busy. There were no cars at the time, though. Then Mom was able to grab him. When she got home she realized it probably wasn't a good idea to be carryin' a big, metal flashlight in the cold around without gloves. Her hand hurt really bad!!

A couple days later, Mom was still asleep and Dad opened the back door and Strider shot out and off the edge of the deck!! It's kinda high, maybe 10 feets or somethin'. Dad ran out and saw Strider look up at him and then he came right back up and into the house. He doesn't do that for Mom!!

Mom purromised that she'd get our Secret Paws package sent out today. She'd better, or maybe Santa Claws won't visit her, either!!

We wants to wish efurryone a Merry Chrissy-mouse and Happy Hollydays and all that kinda stuff!!