Monday, December 31, 2007

Gotcha Day

Today is Smeagol's Gotcha Day, but he's not feelin' so good. We both went to the the v-e-t today 'cause we're havin' stomach problems (Smeagol had it comin' out both ends and I just have kinda loose poop - sorry 'bout the TMI). The v-e-t gave us both anti-biotics and Smeagol got stabbed and had to get fluids. He's just been kinda layin' around, but I'm mostly my normal hyper self. I know Smeagol's not feelin' great 'cause he let the v-e-t clip his nails, look at his teeth AND take his temperature. He did put up a fuss, but not like he usually does. We're not allowed to eat or drink for the rest of the day (how are we supposed to celebrate?) We might try to stop by the parties tonight, we'll see how we're feelin'. Thanks for the purrs and purrayers efurryone left on our other post (before we could get this one written). We wish efurryone a Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Secret Paws Pictures!!

Okay, we finally got Mom to sit down and help us with this. She still has to go decorate the tree, so this is gonna be quick. (Um, yeah, she and Dad are runnin' a little behind schedule...)

Look, Tyler sent us so much fun stuff and yummy Temptations!!
(And "Temptations" for Mom, too. She really enjoyed those!!)

I'm gonna play with this crinkly ball for awhile!!

Hey Smeagol, if you don't come back here, I'm keepin' this all for myself!!

Mom, can you open the Temptations now?

Wow, Tyler sent us two of each toy (and Temptations too) so that we don't have to share!! We're usually (oh, okay Mom, sometimes) pretty good 'bout sharin', but it's so furry nice to each have our own stuff!!

Thank you sooo much, Tyler, we're havin' lotsa fun with efurrything!! And Mom says thank you for the Turtles again, too!!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holly-Days to efurryone!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Secret Paws!!

We got our Secret Paws package, and it's from Tyler!! We got it last weekend and Mom let us open it on Sunday, so we're sorry we're late postin' about it. We hopes Mom can help us post some of the pictures this weekend. Anyway, we loves efurrything in it!! We got all kinds of mousies and balls and toys, and two packages of Temptations, and Mom got Turtle Temptations... What Mom? Oh, they're not really turtle flavored Temptations? They're chocolate turtles? Okay, we don't get it, but whatever they were, she loved them!! Thank you sooo much, Tyler!! (We're gonna go back to playin' with all of our pawsome Secret Paw toys now...)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Vishus Deer Sighting!!

We were workin' on a post 'bout our adventure, but we thought we should post 'bout this first. The other morning Dad came downstairs and wanted to know what we were all excited 'bout. We finally got him to look out the back door and he saw it - a vishus deer in the trees behind our house!! (The same trees Strider likes to run around in when he escapes - maybe he'll think twice 'bout escapin' now!!) Dad was helpin' us watch it for awhile, then he went to get Mom. While he was showin' it to her, we saw ANOTHER one. TWO vishus deer right behind our house!! And look at that one, watchin' us and layin' in wait!!