Sunday, November 26, 2006

Open Windows!

The past few days and today have been so nice that Mom opened the windows for us! We are happy to be able to enjoy fresh air this late into Novem-brrr 'cause it's usually too cold by Octo-brrr to even think 'bout openin' the windows. We've had a purrty quiet week. We gotted our package from Derby for bein' his 10,000th visitors and we had lotsa fun with all the cool stuff he sent. Thanks, Derby! Mom took pictures and she purromises that she'll help us post them soon.

Mom's been sick again, she only had one week this month that she hasn't been sick and she says she's gettin' tired of it! The only other person who shares her office (part-time, even) keeps comin' in sick and then Mom gets it from her. Mom said she wishes the other lady would just stay home when she's sick!

We also still feel really bad 'bout missin' Ferdinand's party. It was Mom's fault 'cause she thought she had somethin' (a turkey bone) stucked in her throat (she wasn't chokin' though) and she sounded like she was coughin' up hairballs. Anyway, she's fine as far as that goes and we REALLY REALLY hope Ferdinand has another party soon, we'll make sure we get there on time!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

More News About Cats That Aren't Us

The neighbor kitties who were abandoned by their mean people (not the Mini-Moes, sorry for bein' confusin' - too many homeless kitties round here) have been 'dopted!! We were furry excited when Mom told us that they have gone to their real furrever home! She went to visit them last weekend and they had an adoption application pending (the shelter checks out the beans who have applied before they let them take any kitties home). She petted them and wished them luck. Even though she will miss visitin' them, she's happy that they finally got to go home, and together, too! (They are now listed as adopted on the shelter's website, which means everything was approved and they're at their new house).

What have WE been up to lately...? Well, Dad is buildin' a dollhouse for one of the neeces (is that like a meece? 'Cause it looks like the perfect size for some meece) and he's paintin' parts of it white. Smeagol thought he might like to try bein' a tuxie for a little while, so when there was a freshly painted white piece on the floor, he tried to get some of the white paint on him. Dad was quicker though, and grabbed him before he could lay down on it. All he got was a little bit on his left paw, which Dad wiped off right away. I (Strider) have found a new spot to sit when I help Mom use the computer. I sit on the back of the couch and look over her shoulder. She doesn't always notice me right away, so then when she sees me out of the corner of her eye, it scares her! (heehee)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Mini-Moes Pictures

Here's a couple pictures from before Mom & Dad caught the Mini-Moes. Mom tried puttin' the bed inside the crate that's outside, but they wouldn't use it when it was in there. So she put it really close to the big glass door (where we could keep watch over them) and they seemed to like that.

They're doin' really well now, and Mom's gotten into a routine of takin' care of them, so it's not as hard for her as it was, but they still keep her busy. We might have mentioned this before; there's a shelter that will probably be ready to take them soon. Mom wishes she could just find homes for them (well, she really wishes she could keep them all), but she hasn't had any luck with that. The (no-kill) shelter will be good for them 'cause they can be around more people than just Mom & Dad (and the occasional visitor). Mom just got the voucher for Gizmo's ladygardenectomy, so she's gonna make that appointment soon, then they gotta catch her!

We hafta get Mom to post more (new) pictures of us. The Mini-Moes are takin' over the blog. Maybe it has somethin' to do with us bein' difficult when the beans try to take our picture...

Monday, November 06, 2006


We just want to thank efurryone who came to the party and made it a success! We hope you all had as much fun as we did. For those of you who couldn't make it or missed it, we missed you! Happy Purrthday/Gotcha Day to all the November celebrants; we were honored to host the party for you!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Party Part 3

Special thanks to Hot(M)BC's Mom for the cool graphic!

If anyone wants to continue the party today, we've still got efurrything set up and lotsa food left over! Mom says she's got lots to do today so she won't be able to type for us much, but you're all welcome to come on over and have fun!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Party Part 2

Special thanks to Hot(M)BC's Mom for the cool graphic!

Hi efurryone! Those who were already here, continue on with what you were doin'. We were just hopin' that a fresh post might speed up the comment loading a little. For those of you who haven't been here yet, welcome! Check out the previous post to see all the different kinds of fun stuff and food we have!

UPDATE: If you're here on Sunday, we've continued with a new post above!

It's Party Time!!

Special thanks to Hot(M)BC's Mom for the cool graphic!

Welcome efurryone! We are honored to be hostin' the November Purrthday/Gotcha Day party! The ones we know of who have a Purrthday/Gotcha Day are Beau, Ping, Jinx, Mrs. Sniffles, Alberta, Petey, Nitro, Mr. Hendrix, Beezer and Latte. If we missed anyone, please let us know and we will add you to the list as soon as we can!

Mom and Dad were furry busy puttin' together this cool castle thing for us to play on!

We have all kinds of different beds to nap and rest in.

This thing (Mom says it's a jukebox) has any kinda music you want to hear!

We can chase each other through this and pounce on Mom and Dad when they walk by!

A cool treat machine! (No coins required!)

When you get thirsty you can drink outta this running faucet (we really have this and we LOVE it!) Also there will be cool water placed all around the house and outside.

If you're feelin' energetic you can test your skills outside! It's a beautiful fall day here today!

In addition to all that stuff, Mom and Dad are openin' the whole house up for us to use. That means we get to go into all the bedrooms, the attic AND the basement! Mystery's house is in the basement, so we can visit with her down there. The boxes will be in the basement too, in a private area.

Of course we'll have salmon, tuna, hamm, turkey, papaya and all kinds of fresh produce (for the Buns!) plus birthday cake and ice cream. If we forgot anything, just ask for it and we'll send Mom or Dad out to get it right away! So efurryone come on over and have lotsa fun!

The Feline Oligarchy (including Alberta) will be here but will have to be "quiet" (their beans won't be home to help them type), but Alberta would love to visit with some of the older kitties. And we got a note from Hot(M)BC's Mom that Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi will be here but will also have to be "quiet" for most of the time 'cause they gots a visitor this weekend.

UPDATE: New post above to (hopefully) speed up comment loading!