Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Cousin Willy

We just found out that our cousin, a tuxie named Willy, gotted himself into a little bit of um... trouble last weekend. Our aunt was upstairs at her house when she heard this loud CRASH downstairs! She went runnin' down to see what happened, and saw Willy sittin' on a chair that he never sits on, actin' like nothin' happened. Then... she saw the big broken window! Willy had taken a flyin' leap onto his cat tree and sent it right through the window. And it wasn't even all that close to the window! He's okay, no cuts or anything, and the window's gettin' fixed soon.
Our mom and dad double-checked our trees to make sure nothin' like that will happen here! Other than that, we've just been hangin' out and keepin' warm. It hasn't been as cold outside so Gizmo is happy 'bout that, and there was another visitin' kitty (not Moses or Who) outside the last two nights. At first, Mom only saw its tail, and she thought it was a raccoon and got worried 'cause Gizmo was sittin' right there, but then she saw its face, and it was just a hungry kitty (who got a good dinner)!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Icon Baxter Bentley asked what the Snuggle Safe Disc is that Mom uses to help Gizmo stay warm when it gets so furry cold outside. It's a disc that Mom heats in the microwave, then she puts it in Gizmo's bed and it stays warm for 12 hours! So it works really well to help keep Gizmo extra-warm! Ours came from Drs. Foster & Smith, but we thinks other places have them too. We're tryin' to talk Mom into gettin' us our own Discs, 'cause it sounds like they'd be nice to sleep on.

Mrs. Sniffles asked if we get snow. Usually we do, and it's not usually as cold as it's been lately, but this winter (up until now) we haven't had much snow. We've gotten dustings or a few inches, but it's mostly gone. BUT we are expectin' lotsa snow over the next few days (not as much as those places in NY got, though!) We're hopin' Mom and Dad get snowed in with us for a day...

Fat Eric asked if we've heard whether the Mini-Moes have found their forever homes. When Mom went in to see them 'bout two months ago, there were still two who hadn't been 'dopted, but Mom checked a little while ago, and... now they have! We were actually gonna post 'bout them when we got the last few pictures we have of them from Dad, but he's still takin' forever to send them to Mom's computer.

Mom's still gettin' better from her cold, so we've been spendin' lotsa time snugglin' on her and makin' her rest. She says it's kinda weird that she's gotten so many colds over the past few months. She used to work where she was in contact with lotsa different beans all the time, and she hardly ever caught the stuff that was goin' around. Ever since the company moved her to a different location last summer (where she's not around nearly as many beans), she's been catchin' lotsa stuff. Hmmm...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Robyn Appreciation Day!!

We luvs you, Mom Robyn!
Thanks you so furry much for all that you do!

Monday, February 05, 2007

One Year Blogoversary!

Wow, we can't believe we haves been bloggin' for a year now! First we were readin' The Mows efurry day (we still do, too), then we found Max, then Timmy, then Beau, Oreo and Derby, then efurryone else! Beau & Oreo helped us convince our mom to get us our very own blog, and that's how we started. We have met so many wonderful furriends over the past year!

(We know we said in our last post that we would answer some of your questions in our next post, but we'll do it in our next post, we purromise!)

Friday, February 02, 2007


First of all, when we tried to sign in to write this post, DPBlogger MADE us switch to the new version, so we hopes efurrything is still workin' right! (Hmm, looks like it turned a bunch of comments into anony-mouse, like it did to a bunch of our furriends blogs.)

Okay, I (Strider) haves a question for efurryone. Is there something that you really loves to do, but it makes your mom and/or dad furry upset, but sometimes you just can't help yourself? I'm just wonderin', 'cause the other night I ran outside again (Mom was goin' in and out takin' care of Gizmo, and she was bein' careful to keep me in, but I jumped over her). Sometimes I just REALLY want to go out there, but it makes the beans all worried and upset. Mom was chasin' after me with a can of tuna, but I wouldn't let her catch me. Finally I realized it was furry cold and I didn't like the snow on my feets, so I let her pick me up and take me back inside. She was happy to have me back inside, but I could tell that she wasn't happy WITH me. So... it's hard for me to decide between havin' some fun and makin' Mom upset, or just stayin' in and Mom NOT bein' upset.

Some of you had some questions after our last post, and we're gonna answer them in our next post. Also, we just realized that our one-year Blogoversary is gonna be on Monday. Wow, we can't believe it's been a year!