Friday, January 26, 2007


Mom says it was only 8 degrees last night! That's purrty cold for us, it doesn't usually get THAT cold (we knows it gets even lots colder for some of our furriends, though!) And Gizmo is like Mistrie over at the Calico Girls', she won't come inside even when it's furry cold. She has a nice place to go, though, and Mom heated up her Snuggle Safe disc thing for extra warmth, so she was okay. We wonder where Moses and Who (the two boy cats who visit sometimes but not always) spend the cold nights, 'cause Mom has warm places set up for them to go, but they don't use them. We hopes they have somewhere warm! Gizmo lets Mom pet her sometimes (the other night she rolled over on her back and showed Mom her tummy! But only for a second, then she got back up), but Moses and Who are still kinda scared and they run away if Mom goes outside. So we don't know where they go when they're not visitin'. Mom got some pictures of them awhile ago, but of course they're with all of the other missin' pictures...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Workin' Backwards

Looks like we're gonna have to post our pictures in reverse order, 'cause Dad said he had to, um... FIND all the other ones (like going back to OCTOBER - Mini Moes, the stuff Derby sent for bein' #10,000, Smeagol's tummy pics...)! We're all tryin' not to bug him 'bout it too much, since he did send the most recent ones, from our Secret Paws!

C'mon, Mom, help us open it!

Lookit all this fun stuff!

Treats! Stinky Goodness! A Catnip Mousie!

Hmmm, what's this? A secret message?!

Smeagol, get ofur here and help me with this!

I thinks this goes here...

Got it! That was hard work, time to rest now!

Thanks so furry much again to Zeus, Isis and their Human Pet! We're still enjoyin' all our stuff! And thanks to Icon Baxter Bentley, who sneaked ofur to help us put the puzzle together (he was SO sneaky, Mom and the camera didn't even see him! Or maybe he and Strider switched in some of the pictures, since they kinda look alike.)

Oh, and here's a picture for Daisy, 'cause she wanted to see more of Mystery!

Even though we haven't been commentin' much lately, we've still been tryin' to keep up with efurryone's blogs. (Mom says she feels like she's fallin' too far behind with stuff she has to do around the house. We're gonna try to get her to manage her time better so she can help us leave more comments!)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Secret Paws Purresent!

It came in the mail today, from Zeus, Isis and their Human Pet! Mom made us wait awhile to open it 'cause she wanted to take pictures (yeah, it'll be fur-EFFUR until she helps us post them, but it's not all her fault 'cause Dad has to send them to her. He's VERY far behind in gettin' the pictures to her). Anyway, there was a catnip mousie (refillable!), yummy Stinky Goodness, tasty treats and a puzzle with a secret message (well, it was only secret till we figured out how to put the puzzle together, we had to get Mom to help us a little with it)! We loves it all! Thank you all so furry much!