Monday, February 20, 2006


It has been furry cold the last few days, (but not as cold as at Derby's). Mom said it was 6 degrees one night! And only a few days before, she had the window open for us to get fresh air 'cause it was so warm. Anyway, we were worried 'bout Gizmo bein' cold, so we got Dad to put more stuff outside for him so that he could stay warm. We haven't seen Stripe much, so maybe he has a home and just wanders around and visits sometimes.

Strider: Since it was so cold, I decided to keep warm by layin' on Mom while she was usin' the computer. I'm the only laptop she needs! She kept tellin' me I was makin' things difficult for her, but she didn't make me move...

Smeagol: I make the beans come get me if they wants to cuddle and I complain 'bout it so that Strider comes and tries to rescue me. He jumps up and attacks whoever's got me. Sometimes if he thinks I'm bein' too mean to the beans he attacks me, though. I don't really do anything to them, I just makes lots of noise...


Blogger Gigolo Kitty said...

Yes, cold evenings are just made for snuggly kitties!

10:11 PM  
Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

Mom always worries about Mistrie when it gets cold. I tell her, she has a ton of furs and will be OK, Mom......but she worries anyways....she says that what moms do best.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Beau said...

Hey, if they want difficult lay across the computer keys and put your head on the mouse thing!

11:22 PM  

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