Monday, March 17, 2008


We thinks Spring is close, 'cause we've been seein' lotsa robins outside, and that big pile of snow is gettin' smaller, but Mom just said we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. We got to haves the window open for a little while over the weekend, and it smelled a little bit like Spring.
Smeagol's feelin' kinda yucky again today, so Mom and Dad are keepin' an eye on him, but it seems like maybe a hairball (again). We were playin' Thunderin' Herd of Elephants last night, so he was fine then. Maybe he just had too much St. Patrick's Day partyin'!!
We just realized that we started a post 'bout an adventure we had a looong time ago, so we haves to remember to finish it!!
Also, we've been purrin' and purrayin' for a bunch of our furriends who aren't feelin' well or had surgeries and stuff. Diamond Emerald-Eyes made this nice badge for Smudge, who's been fightin' a nasty bug that's makin' him anemic.


Blogger PB & J said...

It looks like spring here too, but that dang weather man says snow on Wednesday! We're trying to be patient, but it's so hard!

5:41 PM  
Blogger meemsnyc said...

You are so lucky that you saw Robins.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Animals with Opinions said...

thanks for visiting us. we really think you should try the goat. gerald doesn't have anything to worry about. my human loves him. she is mad at "goat boy" though and said something about he better watch it. i don't think she will eat him either though cause it's her first goat. who knows with her though.


9:33 AM  

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